Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Item #: NS08

Nintendo Switch Controller

. RSF analog 3D with high precision for shooting games

. Dual rumble motors to with responsive rumble feedback

. Injected rubber grips to maintain a comfortable handling

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Swtich JoyCon

Item #: N30

Switch system JoyCon Controller

● 1M copper Type C charging cable

● 350 mAh Polymer lithium battery

● With 2 ramble motors inside

● With motion sensor

● With Awake-up system function

● Without NFC and without camera function

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Wired Xbox one Controller
Product: Nintendo Bluetooth Pro Controller
Model No.: M08
Product Main Features:
“+”/“-”/photo/home buttons
L2/R2 button with trigger function
Brand RSF high precision 3D
Polymer battery 600MA
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PC/Steam/PS3 Controller

Item #: NC13P

Wired PC Steam/PS3 Controller

. Cool Breathing-light with Red/Green/Blue light

. 4.0φ 22AWG Cooper Cable with Magnet Ring

. Two High Precision RSF Joystick 3D

. Perfect Dpad Structure Design for Combo Action

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